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Contact: Victor liu

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Email: director@npackpm.com

Website: www.bottlesfiller.com

About Us

1.Our History

NPACK found in 2008 and started his business as  engineering , sales and service for packaging machineries, liquid filling line solution.And since 2012, NPACK established his own manufacturing facotry

2.Our Factury

NPACK located in shanghai China, now NPACK is one of the leading manufacturer of bottle filling machinery, and offer one stop packaging solution for sauce, thin and viscous liquid.NPACK Bottle filling machine were exported to more than 60 countries, and has more than 1000 users home and abroad. NPACK has 4 years trading experience and 4 years manufacturing experience, so NPACK knows the Machine quality and service are the most important to customers, and now NPACK is well know by his quality and service and gained a good reputation from customers.

3.Our Product

NPACK main products:

1.Offer one stop packaging filling solution for liquid, sauce and Jam.

2.Liquid Filling machine, Liquid bottling machinery

3.Piston Filler and equipment

4.Capping machinery, especially the linear spindle capping machine, rotary screw capping machine

5.Labeling machinery for more than 600 types products.

6.Packaging system after Liquid bottling Line

4.Product Application

NPACK machineries are application in many fields, mostly are used in Food, Daily chemical &cosmetics and pharmaceuticals Industry. 

5.Our Certificate

Npack get many certificate, such as CE, ISO9001

6.Production Equipment

Npack has his own spare parts processing plant, has more than 10sets of CNC machines Lathe machines and other processing machineries.

7.Production Market

NPACK more than 60% of bottling machineries were exported to other countries, such as Europe, USA, Australia, Arabic countries, Asia, Africa. The annual sales are more than 5 Million USD

8.Our service

Our service:

1.NPACK PACK keeps a strong bond with our customers by providing quality packaging equipment and excellent customer support.  Our Customer Service Representatives can answer questions, order parts and schedule a service visit.  A qualified Service Technician will evaluate your equipment problem and repair the equipment on site. NPACK PACK values our customers and strive to provide services beyond their expectations.  

2.Pre-sales Consultation 

If you have a liquid packaging problem or a special need, give us a call. Your NPACK PACK team of professionals is ready to take on your toughest challenge! During your pre-sales consultation an NPACK associate will most likely ask you for the following: send samples of your product, and  sketch or drawing of the finished product (prototype if available) In return, the team will provide the following: 

Advise and recommend equipment for you individual application Basic training packages for standard equipment 

3.Project Management 

NPACK PACK will assign a  Project Manager that will assist you in every detail of your desired equipment gathering substantial information about your packaging solution. 

An NPACK Project Manager will be responsible of the following: 

• Initiate project for critical information 

• Continually assess the project specifications to monitor the project timeline 

• Provide validation assistance 

• Manage and provide comprehensive and detailed documentation 


We manufacture our equipment in our own facility, that is environmentally sustainable “green building” place.  Our facility is composed of the following: 

•Well-trained and experienced staff 

•On-site Engineering support 

•Production Engineering 

•Manufacturing and assembly 

•Testing equipment and parts 

•Materials requirement planning (MRP) 

•Advanced in-house machining centers 

5. Machine Integration 

NPACK can fully integrate your packaging line.  After performing an extensive and thorough evaluation and conceptual design solution, NPACK integrates all the machinery. 

NPACK provides fully integrated packaging lines.  All machines are integrated mechanically and electronically to work seamlessly and smoothly on sequence.  Our extensive product evaluation, design and engineering ensures successful integration.  

NPACK builds and installs turnkey systems in the customer’s plant and offers training, documentation, and other essential support for all of our integrated packaging line equipment. 

6.Custom Engineering 

We understand that as your company grows, the production demands increase as well. NPACK formulates a solution by providing recommendations to optimize your line.  

NPACK specializes in: 

•Custom and equipment design 

•Industrial processes 

•Modification and recondition of equipment 

7.Installation and Training 

NPACK assigns technicians that will assist you in installing the equipment. After your equipment or line is installed, your NPACK technician stays on-site to watch your new equipment run smoothly. 

NPACK Technician offers the following services: 

•Installation of equipment or packaging line at the customer’s plant 

•Coordinate schedule with mechanics to perform change over and preventive maintenance activities 

•Perform mechanical adjustments (if needed) on equipment and packaging line to optimize equipment’s performance 

•Resolve equipment issues 

•Document all work activities according to Proper Documentation Practices 

•Provide on-site training on all assigned procedures 

8.Customer Service 

To ensure prompt response to all our customer’s concerns,NPACK provides customer service assistance. Live over the phone customer service, we will promptly attend to all of our customers' needs and concerns.  

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our equipment.  We also understand that you may encounter an problem and require assistance. A friendly and courteous Customer Service Preventative is available for a prompt resolution.